Romans 7 in retrospect…

romans 7-15Each of the articles linked to below pertain to  the classic dichotomy between the flesh and the spirit as described in Romans 7.  This text and this problem have been on my mind (to one degree or another) for 40 years.  The third article contains the key that, for me, effectively resolves the conflict.   Depending on one’s interests– or where one is in their spiritual walk –the first two articles may be more or less helpful.  Take what seems good to you and leave the rest… 

Flesh and Spirit in Conflict
This is an older essay outlining the problem as I understand it…

The Order of Being and the Life of Faith
This offers further scriptural analysis leading up to the solution…

The Mind of Christ and the Power of the Spirit
This describes the kind of transcendental vision and existential decision which, by the grace of God, effectively resolves the conflict…

tug of war

–>  Download all Three Essays in a single PDF File

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