The Light upon the Candlestick

Over the years, I have found myself returning again and again to Spinoza.  And, over the years, I have also felt considerable resonance with various strains of Quaker thought.  While  I have long been aware that there is a connection between the two, I recently learned more about that connection when I discovered this document at the Quaker Universalist Fellowship:


You can scroll through the entire pamphlet on this page, or you can jump to the various sections, or view a facsimile of the original title page, by clicking the links below.

A google search will turn up lots of additional information about Spinoza and the Quakers, including a very interesting chapter in this book:

The Third Force in Seventeenth Century Thought, by Richard Henry Popkin:

third force foreshortenedIn the process of exploring The Light upon the Candlestick and other pages at UniversalistFriends.Org, I noticed a request for submissions pertaining the paradoxes of Christian universalism and decided to alert them to some of the material at Yeshua21.Com.   After exploring several Yeshua.21 articles, they offered to feature extensive excerpts from The Universality of Christ and I cheerfully gave them permission to do so.  Many thanks to Mike Shell and our Quaker Universalist Friends for the good work that they are doing at UniversalistFriends.Org.

–> The Universality of Christ

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