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Did you ever have the feeling you were being watched!?

Many thanks to Facebook friend Robert Saltzman for sharing these lines from one of  Carlos Castaneda’s books together with the photograph, below (the tarot cards were my idea). The thing to do when you are impatient is to turn to … Continue reading

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A Good Friday Meditation

Are we willing to acknowledge that the cross of Christ is our cross, too? Are we not called to: take up our cross? (Matthew 16:24) drink that cup and be baptized with that baptism? (Mark 10:38; Matthew 20:22; John 18:11) … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Robert…

Nearly two years ago, when I wrote this essay on Nonduality, I expressed my intention to introduce readers to some other teachers besides the ones mentioned at the time–other teachers including some who, though less well known, are nevertheless  quite good (perhaps equal to the best) but who are … Continue reading

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