The Four Precepts

  1.  Remember your Divine essence.
  2.  Say Yes to Life unconditionally.
  3.  Overcome the Spirit of Revenge.
  4.  Follow your Bliss.

The Four Precepts Web Portal & Spiritual Search Page has been superseded by three distinct but interrelated blogs:

[Life Streams–Narrative and Grace…]       [Getting to Know Jesus in the 21st Century]
[Christian Meditations on the Tarot]

Please scroll down for more information on The Four Precepts together with links to selected articles:4p screen shotTheFourPrecepts.Com was a website that I started in 2003  devoted– as the name suggests –to The Four Precepts (enumerated above) which had guided my life during the previous  decade (see The Origin of the Four Precepts).

clearblue4pIn addition to sharing these four precepts, the site was more generally dedicated to an exploration of Traditional Mysticism, Interfaith Spirituality, and The Perennial Philosophy.  It reflected my best efforts (to the date of the articles published there) to come to terms with many of my earlier questions (questions which were also the motivation for much that can be found on my “personal home page” which dates back to 1995 — see Wayne’s World ).

New material continued to be added to the The Four Precepts site until February of 2008, at which point the motivation for doing so was undermined (in part by the stress of family health concerns– both my mother and my sister were terminally ill at that time –and in part by my exposure to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle).  At some point, I hope to write a short essay entitled, The Four Precepts in Retrospect. In the meantime, suffice it to say that the general approach– while very helpful at the time –proved, in the end, to be inordinately conceptual and overly metaphysical.

While I am in the process of phasing out that site, I have decided (as I have the time and inclination) to archive some of the core articles here– most of them written in ’04 and ’05 –in the off chance that they may be interest to someone else along the way.  Stay tuned…

–>  The Origin of the Four Precepts

Additional Archived Articles:
The Jesus Prayer +

Duty and Accomplishment
The Call of Conscience
The Origin of the Four Precepts
Intelligent Design
Collecting and Dividing
The Path With A Heart


2 Responses to The Four Precepts

  1. mannley collins says:

    Have you phased out that site yet?

    • Yes–that domain forwards here, now. I still have all the content saved on my local computer and may post some more of it here as time goes on.. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, let me know and perhaps I can email it to you or post it here straight away..

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