The Perennial Philosophy

In between my formal philosophical studies and my introduction to Eckhart Tolle (and what I now refer to– very loosely –as nonduality), I became fascinated with Aldous Huxley’s understanding of The Perennial Philosophy.

perennial_philosophy_coverWhile it is very important not to underestimate the differences between various religions (and religious sects) as we interact with their adherents– especially on a global or regional scale –it is also important to see the possibility of seeing beyond our differences–of seeing that which most of the world’s wisdom traditions seem to share in common.   And once exposed to this possibility, it seems that our hearts and minds actually become more open to a unitive intuition of the One in Whom we live and move and have our beingthe One that is beyond name and form; beyond any and all traditions.  As such, I want to share some links to various resources on this topic.  Stay tuned…

[ Note:  For more on the importance understanding religious differences, see Stephen Prothero‘s,  “God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—And Why Their Differences Matter.” ]

–> The Perennial Philosophy, by Aldous Huxley


2 Responses to The Perennial Philosophy

  1. Lutek says:

    When I first attempted to read Huxleys book, I found the main part of it to be a bit too philosophical and analytical for my liking. However, the introduction continues to impress me as one of the most important commentaries on spiritual endeavor that I’ve ever read.

  2. Yes–it’s a great intro… I initially read it (and perhaps some additional excerpts) in an old philosophy textbook that I found somewhere–what a find! 🙂

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