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Recognizing and Honoring the Light of Awareness

Quoting from chapter two of Waking Up, by Sam Harris: “However we propose to explain the emergence of consciousness—be it in biological, functional, computational, or any other terms—we have committed ourselves to this much: First there is a physical world, … Continue reading

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I Am the Resurrection and the Life

“Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light” (Ephesians 5:14). From time to time over the last couple of years, I have enjoyed reading and listening to N.T. Wright–a New Testament theologian who … Continue reading

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The Light upon the Candlestick

Over the years, I have found myself returning again and again to Spinoza.  And, over the years, I have also felt considerable resonance with various strains of Quaker thought.  While  I have long been aware that there is a connection … Continue reading

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“The Cross” (Frithjof Schuon)

Quoting Frithjof Schuon: “If the Incarnation has the significance of a “descent” of God, Christ is thus equivalent to the whole of creation, containing it in a way; he is a second creation, which purifies and “redeems” the first. He … Continue reading

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