Nonduality Revisited

The latest Closer To Truth newsletter featured interviews with Gino Yu and Jeffery Martin exploring the topic of Non-Duality.  While their effort to present this topic is laudable, it seemed to me that Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Gino Yu talk past one another for the most part, while Jeffery Martin treats the subject with the assumed objectivity of a anthropologist (informative on one level, but not a good introduction for  those who want to understand nonduality from the inside).  As such– for those interested in exploring this topic further –I wanted to share my own discussion of nonduality and nondual modes of discourse.  And I would also like to  recommend the following teachers:

* Eckhart Tolle
* Anthony de Mello
* Douglas Harding
* Ramana Maharshi
* Nisargadatta Maharaj
* Alan Watts

Of course, there are many, many other teachers of nonduality–to learn about some others, check out The Urban Guru Cafe or Buddha at the Gas Pump.   Perhaps my all-time favorite YouTube video on the topic is, Who Are You…..Really?.

And apropos of consciousness– which is also discussed by our friends at Closer To Truth I recommend the “graphic reproduction” of Peter Russell’s extraordinary talk on The Primacy of Consciousness (also on YouTube).  See also the following article on consciousness:

* A Thought Experiment
* Two Arguments Against Physicalism
* The Cause IN Appearances Vs. The Cause OF Appearances

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1 Response to Nonduality Revisited

  1. C I Mead says:

    You’ve not been here for some time and I’ve only just found the site. My intellect, and some wonderful unitive experiences, tell me that non duality is truth, and my heart longs for the experience of Christ when I feel alone. Absolute and relative flow in and out. I hope you’re still about, and well. Looking forward to reading, and I’m very glad to see some of my favourite non dual writers are also yours.

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