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Two Arguments Against Physicalism

“Physicalism (also known as Materialistic Monism . . . is the philosophical position that everything which exists is no more extensive than its physical properties, and that the only existing substance is physical. Therefore, it argues, the mind is a … Continue reading

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Ask Dr. Robert…

Nearly two years ago, when I wrote this essay on Nonduality, I expressed my intention to introduce readers to some other teachers besides the ones mentioned at the time–other teachers including some who, though less well known, are nevertheless  quite good (perhaps equal to the best) but who are … Continue reading

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The Eternal NOW

There is a beautiful distinction to be drawn between “the real present” (a la Boris Mouravieff), aka “the eternal NOW” (a la Paul Tillich, et al), on the one hand, and what we might call “the conventional present”, on the … Continue reading

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Skepticism and Faith

No doubt it seems strange to many of my fellow Christians– indeed, I must seem intentionally obstinate and confrontational, even –when I (often) press a skeptical point of view when it comes to scripture and to the historicity of some … Continue reading

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