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Nonduality Revisited

The latest Closer To Truth newsletter featured interviews with Gino Yu and Jeffery Martin exploring the topic of Non-Duality.  While their effort to present this topic is laudable, it seemed to me that Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Gino Yu talk … Continue reading

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In Defense of Hell (Part III)

I. Some Practical Concerns II.Some Logical and Moral Considerations III.  Charting a Better Way Forward Once the practical, logical, and moral implications of the conventional teaching about hell are grasp– firmly and in both hands, so to speak –those who would … Continue reading

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Dostoevsky Vs. Spinoza

Editor’s Note: In the early 1990’s, I was studying Spinoza and had begun reading Dostoevsky, too, along the way.  These two texts went together very nicely, or so it seemed to me at the time…  And it still seems that … Continue reading

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In Defense of Hell (Part II)

II.  Some Logical and Moral Considerations It is my considered opinion that if the concept of hell must be retained  as one component of an integral Christian tradition (which I am inclined to think it must), it should be presented … Continue reading

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In Defense of Hell (Part I)

I.  Some Practical Concerns My preoccupation with the topic of hell has been little embarrassing, really.  Against my better judgment, at times, I have– over the last few years –continued to drive home the point that there is something very … Continue reading

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The Soul’s Choice

[Editor’s Note:  This material was revised in November 2018 and integrated into a PDF booklet, Christian Meditations on the Tarot: The Soul’s Choice] The choice is ours…Towards a Contemplative Model of Christian Faith & Spiritual Formation… We are of two … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment

Note: This experiment was originally published as A Spiritual Exercise on Yeshua21.Com. A Thought Experiment:  Imagine, if you will, your brain setting on the table in front of you, complete with the necessary blood supply, temperature control, and appropriate “wiring” … Continue reading

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Quaker Universalist Voice

Many thanks to The Quaker Universalist Voice for featuring one of my essays, Everyone is Needed!, in the Conversations section of their website.  Life Streams readers are encouraged to scoot on over there and check out all they have to offer! … Continue reading

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The Ten Thousand Things

[Editor’s Note:  The material below is taken from the current listing of Robert Saltzman‘s new book, The Ten Thousand Things, on Amazon.Com.] Quoting Robert K. Hall: When I imagine speaking to a person who for the first time opens the pages … Continue reading

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The Real Challenge for Christian Apologists

The real challenge for Christian Apologetics is, first of all, to get beyond the problem of evil (the lynchpin of which is to be found in the doctrine of eternal conscious torment–especially as it is thought to apply to those … Continue reading

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