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In Defense of Hell (Part III)

I. Some Practical Concerns II.Some Logical and Moral Considerations III.  Charting a Better Way Forward Once the practical, logical, and moral implications of the conventional teaching about hell are grasp– firmly and in both hands, so to speak –those who would … Continue reading


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The Cause IN Appearances Vs. The Cause OF Appearances

This post is an elaboration of my comment on this article– The Open Universe  –which addresses the idea raised by some that the universe could be a computer simulation. Leaving aside the idea of a computer simulation, per se, the … Continue reading

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Meditations on the Tarot

It has been an unexpected joy for me– this (past) spring and summer –to delve into the history, mystery, and lore surrounding Tarot cards.  My focus has been on their psychological significance, in a Jungian sense– and on their philosophical and theological significance –not … Continue reading

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