Leaning Into This Moment

Lean into this moment…

This expression is a variation of Rule # 5 from the movie, People like us.  It goes as follows:

“Rule # 5:  Lean into it.  It means the outcome doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re there for it.  It doesn’t matter what it is, good or bad — kind of like right now.”

this moment welcomes you

This moment welcomes you just as you are…   Can you welcome this moment?

Aldous Huxley touches on the same theme in his novel, Island:

“Here and now, boys,” the bird repeated yet once more, then fluttered
down from its perch on the dead tree and settled on her shoulder.

The child peeled another banana, gave two-thirds of it to Will and offered what remained to the mynah.

“Is that your bird?” Will asked.

She shook her head. “Mynahs are like the electric light,” she said. “They don’t belong to anybody.”

“Why does he say those things?”

“Because somebody taught him,” she answered patiently. What an ass! her tone seemed to imply.

“But why did they teach him those things? Why ‘Attention’? Why ‘Here and now’?”

“Well …” She searched for the right words in which to explain the self-evident to this strange imbecile. “That’s what you always forget, isn’t it? I mean, you forget to pay attention to what’s happening. And that’s the same as not being here and now.”

“And the mynahs fly about reminding you—is that it?”

She nodded. That, of course, was it. There was a silence.


rumi silence

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